I am an Electronics Engineer and an Embedded System Trainer. Currently i own a training firm; Neo Green Labs, based at Kochi.

I believe that,  Engineers are people who are building the world and so, I am proud to be an Engineer.

Basically I am an active listener and always interested to hear from others; obviously, I am not a talkative guy ūüėÄ

After-all, I love to live a  Simple & Humble life.

Job: Technology training in Electronics and Embedded System


Hands-on embedded system  training is my passion. Its the thing i can do continuously for any time. I used to provide Hands-on embedded system workshops in Electronics, Embedded system and Internet of Things, for students as well as professionals. Till now, i had trained more than 6000 students, including professionals and handled 135+ on-campus hands-on embedded system workshops.

The details on various topics that i can handle as well as my previous training programs can be find at here.

You can also check my linkedin profile here

Other Interests

  • Travel: I would like to travel, meet new people and understand different culture. As a part of my work, i used to travel around Kerala. And most of my touring are with my wife, grace maria. An all india trip with her is in my plan from few year. Hope we will make it soon.
  • Photography:

    Having a camera was my dream since childhood. But want to buy it with my hardearned money, So, in 2017, at the age of 27, i bought my first camera; Nikon D3300 with the basic 18-55mm Nikkor Dx lens.

    Image result for nikon d3300

    Photography is an art and unfortunately me and art were in different poles. No relations! But, i believe skills can be taught. hehe. That’s it.

    Initially i didn’t displayed my photos anywhere, but by December 2018, i started an account in instagram and showcase it there. Yes,¬† please have a look and give your valuable suggestions. I have more interest in portrait photography and hence bought nikkor 35mmdx in 2019 april. Having a photography studio is one of my dream and i think, it will happen in 2019 end.

  • Cooking: Food is my best friend.¬† Especially the non-veg.¬† Love to eat different varieties of food. Finding the recipe of foods i had and trying that at my kitchen without using much chemicals is one of my hobby. And i am pretty good at this.

My Family

  • Sabu Philip (Late) : My loving father, who taught me the right values in life. Especially, in managing finance.
  • Saly K M: My mother, I learned time management from her. She used to manage our home, her job and my grandparents at their home.
  • Mathews Sabu: My younger brother. Usually younger ones learn from elders but in my case i learned a lot from him. He changed my perspective on right jobs; got surprised to see him being selective in choosing the right jobs and his patience for getting the best suited jobs.
  • Grace Maria: My better half and best friend. Simple, that’s it. We married after a long term relation ūüėÄ long story. hehe… it was awesome.
  • Grandma and aunt: Moms mother and father’s eldest sister. Senior people in my family.
  • Tessy Thomas: My daugher born on 21st Dec¬† 2018.

Volunteering: IEEE

Member and an active volunteer of IEEE Kerala section for past 10 years. Currently the secretary of IEEE Kerala Young Professionals and the Treasurer of IEEE Kochi Subsection. I got opportunity to involve in IEEE during 2009 when i was in¬† the third semester of B-Tech. IEEE, the world’s largest technical professional organization had a great role in molding my perspectives and improving myself. I am feeling great to be a volunteer and be part of this global community.

Why i am active in IEEE and spent¬† $100 every year for it’s membership (included few society memberships as well)? This is a usual question people used to ask me or any other active¬† members. Everyone have their own answers. Obviously, we never spent money and time for something which does not have any benefits. My benefits from IEEE are listed below

  • Network and contacts
  • Learnrom Volunteering (free peer reviews)
  • Learn from seniors
  • Visibility or exposure
  • Brand value

Volunteer roles handled in past

Since 2009, i used to be an active volunteer of IEEE and held some volunteer roles.

  • Secretary, IEEE Kerala Young Professionals, ¬†2018
  • IEEE Kerala Young Professionals, Meet-up coordinator, Kochi region, 2017
  • Chair,¬†Industry & Entrepreneurship Working group,¬†IEEE Kerala Young Professionals, 2016
  • Treasurer, IEEE Kerala Young Professionals, ¬†2015
  • Membership Development Chair, IEEE Kochi Sub Section,¬†since 2014
  • Internship Coordinator, IEEE Kerala section, 2013
  • Membership Development Working Group Chair, IEEE Kerala Young Professionals, 2013
  • Internship Coordinator, IEEE Kochi Sub section, 2012
  • Assistant Hub1 Driver, IEEE Kerala Section, 2011
  • Student Branch Secretary | IEEE Student Branch, College of Engineering Kottarakkara, 2010


  • Session on IEEE Student Branch Inauguration, Ilahia College of Engineering & Technology, Muvatupzuha
  • Session on IEEE & it’s Benefits, Holy Kings College of Science & Technology, Pampakuda
  • Session on Volunteering in IEEE, SCMS College of Engineering, Karukutti
  • Session on Higher Education for B-Tech Graduates at IEEE All Kerala Student Congress, TKMCE, Kollam
  • Session on Best Practices in Membership Development , Face to Face, IEEE Kochi Hub
  • Session on IEEE & it’s Benefits, Muthoot Institute of Science & Technology, Varikoly
  • Session on IEEE & it’s Benefits, Christ Knowledge City, Muvatupuzha
  • Session on IEEE & it’s Benefits, Mar Baselious Christian college of Engineering, Peerumedu
  • Session on IEEE Student Branch inauguration, Sarabhai Institute of Science & Technology, Thiruvananthapuram.
  • Session on Role of IEEE in Engineering life, College of Engineering, Attingal
  • Session on Volunteering for IEEE as a Student member, Mount zion College of Engineering, Pathanamtitta
  • Session on Role of IEEE in Engineering life, Carmel College of Engineering, Pathanamtitta