I am an Electronics Engineer and a budding Entrepreneur. My working domain is Electronics & Embedded System. I believe that,  Engineers are people who are building the world, Entrepreneurs are people who solving the problems of society, and so, I am proud to be an Engineer as well as an Entrepreneur.

Education is a life long process. Each day, we are learning new things, gaining new experience. Basically I am an active listener and always interested to hear from others; obviously, I am not a talkative guy 😀

After-all, I love to live a  Simple & Humble life.

My Wishes

  • Travel and Roam around India before i became 35
  • To give something back to the society; especially things to improve the quality of education

Interested Area

Electronics, Programming, Travel, Teaching, Entrepreneurship

People who inspired me

Three people who inspired me and continuously inspiring me are Prof. V K Damodaran, Ranjith R Nair Vijay S Paul

People who helped me

Mr. V N Panchalai, Mr. George Vithayath, Mr. Cherian Issac & Mr. Shibili Rahman. These four persons helped me a lot in building my career as an Electronics Engineer.