Joining IEEE, the worlds largest professional organization is the best decision i had made in my engineering life. I am Member and an active volunteer of IEEE since 2009.

Why i am active in IEEE and spent  $80 every year for it’s membership ? This is a usual question people used to ask me or any other active  members. Everyone have their own answers. Obviously, we never spend money and time for something which does not have benefits. My benefits from IEEE are listed below

  • Heath Insurance at  low rate.
  • Network and contacts
  • Learn from Volunteering (free peer reviews)
  • Visibility or exposure

Volunteer roles handled in past

  • Vice Chair, Industrial Relations, IEEE Kerala Section, 2022
  • Chair, Membership Development, IEEE Kerala Section, 2021
  • Chair, IEEE Kerala Young Professionals,   2020
  • Hospitality Chair, IEEE PESGRE 2020, the flagship conference of IEEE Kerala Section IA/IE/PELS Joint chapter
  • Secretary, IEEE Kerala Young Professionals,  2018-2019
  • Hospitality Chair, IEEE TENCON 2019, the flagship conference of IEEE Region 10
  • IEEE Kerala Young Professionals, Meet-up coordinator, Kochi region, 2017
  • Chair, Industry & Entrepreneurship Working group, IEEE Kerala Young Professionals, 2016
  • Treasurer, IEEE Kerala Young Professionals,  2015
  • Membership Development Chair, IEEE Kochi Sub Section, since 2014
  • Internship Coordinator, IEEE Kerala section, 2013
  • Membership Development Working Group Chair, IEEE Kerala Young Professionals, 2013
  • Internship Coordinator, IEEE Kochi Sub section, 2012
  • Assistant Hub1 Driver, IEEE Kerala Section, 2011
  • Student Branch Secretary | IEEE Student Branch, College of Engineering Kottarakkara, 2010

Individual Volunteer Awards

  • IEEE Kerala Section Best Young Professional Volunteer Award 2019
  • 2015 IEEE MGA Achievement award (E-Scientia)