Photography is all about the lights and its effects and I love experimenting with lights.

My story of photography

Owning a camera was my dream since childhood. When i was studying in 11th,  requested my father to buy a camera for me and tried convincing about my interest towards photography. But he convinced me that you should follow your, but will be more serious when you invest money to follow the passion.  And hence the dream of owning Camera continued in my dreams until I become 27, and bought a Nikon DSLR D3300 with basic 18-55mm Dx lens.


Photography is a skill, more specifically a technical skill and it can be learnt.

Having more interest towards portrait photography, i was searching for a lens with more bokeh effect and purchased nikkor 35mmdx in 2019 April.

In December 2020, I opened a personal indoor photography studio at our old home (Kochu pampakuda) with basic lighting setups. And the story continues. I always try to experiment with new concepts and lighting now have the below facilities at studio.

  1. Godox SL60W (2 Nos)
  2. Godox 120mm Octa with diffuser
  3. Godox 120mm x 80mm Rectangular softbox with diffuser
  4. Boom Light stand: 1 nos
  5. Light stand : 1o no
  6. round Reflector stand : 1 no
  7. R0und reflector with four sides (silver, gold, white, black): 1 no
  8. Bowens mount Snoot : 1 nos
  9. Backdrop: Yellow, Merron, Grey, Black (12 X8)
  10. Back drop stand
  11. Camera: Nikon D3300 , charger, two battery
  12. Lens: 18-55mm, 50mmDX
  13. Two SD card
  14. Camera Tripod: 1 no
  15. Small Table: 1 No
  16. Big Table: 1 No
  17. Power Backup : Inverter