About Me


Born on 14th January 1991 and the remaining story is almost same like any other kid born in a middle class family in Kerala. School , studies, little bit of sports, leaving sports at 10th for studies, joining biology science, engineering coaching at Brilliant Pala, School top in 12th, 4895th rank in KEE and joined electronics and communication engineering at CoE Kottarakkara. Teacher’s pet until the end of my first year engineering when i went to NDA SSB interview at Allahabad.

My life changing journey, my first journey in Train, my first Journey outside Kerala. 

I have read somewhere that, if you want to explore yourself, travel alone. And it was perfectly right for me.  I failed the SSB on first day itself, but i was totally happy because i understood very well that, there is no point in living such a mechanical life.

From second year itself, i tried new things, got out of my comfort zone and joined a volunteering organization IEEE, used every opportunity for travel. After my second year, I have traveled across Kerala, attended many events, conference, visited Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc.  My family was also supporting me since i never got any back papers and the marks seems good to them!

Even though i had good marks to attend all the placement interviews, never tried,  only placement i attended (for a secret reason) was for CTS.  The reason for all these was my keen interest toward entrepreneurship.

And in 2012 I graduated without a job in hand, and got ready for the next experiments!

Basically I am an active listener (always interested to hear from others), avid learner and keen observer.

I have multiple lovers in life; food, travel and my better half, grace. After all I am living a  Simple & Humble life.

My Family

  • Sabu Philip (Late) : My loving father, who taught me the right values in life. Especially, in managing finance.
  • Saly K M: My mother, I learned time management from her. She used to manage our home, her job and my grandparents at their home.
  • Mathews Sabu: My younger brother. Usually younger ones learn from elders but in my case i learned a lot from him. He changed my perspective on right jobs; got surprised to see him being selective in choosing the right jobs and his patience for getting the best suited jobs.
  • Grace Maria: My better half and best friend. Simple, that’s it. We married after a long term relation 😀 its a long story. hehe… it was awesome.
  • Grandma and aunt: Moms mother and father’s eldest sister. Senior people in my family.
  • Tessy Thomas: My daughter born on 21st Dec  2018.
  • Terese Thomas: My second daughter born on 3rd August 2020