During my High School, I  learned the  working of Incandescent Bulb &, Thomas Alva Edison is the man who developed it. From that days itself , I had one serious doubt,  how people are filling Argon Gas inside the Glass bulb? A genuine question from a high school guy, Rite?

And, Today, on 28/08/2014, I got a chance to visit an Incandescent Bulb manufacturing Unit. Infra Lights, One of the Pioneer Incandescent Bulb Manufacturer in Kerala , situated inside the Aroor Industrial Estate. An Old two story-ed Building; seems around 8000 Sq. ft and interestingly, the entrance was guarded by a local Dog!

Oh! Sorry, i forget to tell you that, they are not manufacturing those bulbs right now.  Those poor people couldn’t adapt with the CFL Boom. But they are still keeping all the machinery & Equipment there itself. Thanks God! Otherwise I couldn’t see those all machinery.

The room in which the equipments are kept seems like a haunted space; Dust, Spiders & their web, Rust and all. I walked around each and every machines. Somehow i tried to understand the use of each ones. And, I saw that equipment also; the Gas filling One.

After getting out of the room I thought, why the owner is still keeping all those useless machines? Maybe he has a plan to convert it to a small Museum to teach our children that, once there were something called incandescent bulbs & they are manufactured by all these machines 😀

I heard about Disruptive Innovation. But today, I understood what is it in reality!

By the way,Infra Lights is now trying for a revamping; they started manufacturing  & assembling of LED luminaries. Hope they will catch up the market soon!

I with Team NeoGreen Labs went there to test a 3KVA Three Phase Battery charger (We don’t have a three phase connection) which is developed by one of my Mentor Er. Cherian Issac for Cochin Shipyard.

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