During 2012 while I was an engineering Trainee at Grey Techno Labs pvt Ltd, I got a chance to handle a hands-on workshop at K.R. Gouri Amma College of Engineering. The topic was Embedded system development with Mircochip PIC microcontroller (PIC16f887). If my memory is correct, Kurian Sir and Sreevalsan Sir was with me for handling the sessions and it was a three day workshop.

The session went well. We all three handle sessions. Our company was having a policy of writing feedback of students at the end of the session. Even though it is called feedback form, there was one more intention; along with the feedback, there is an option to add students contacts. Most of the students used to give their contact. Later we can contact these students for marketing our courses, training etc.

We received the feed back forms and me, sreevalsan and kurian were reading . Most of the feedback was positive but there were lot of students mentioned specifically about me. Most of them were about one of my face expression.

“Please donot give a teasing look while we don’t know the answer.

After reading this, I got surprised. I kept a smile on my face all the time, intentionally to feel students comfortable. But it turned this way.  Later I got really happy that those students wrote that feedback honestly.

Because of this reason, I always take feedback from my students after the workshop. Their honest feedback helped me a lot in molding me as one of the best embedded system and IoT trainer in Kerala during late 2010’s.

By 2020, I have given hands-on training to more that 10k students.

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