During my childhood days, I requested my father to send me for Karatte Class. If my memory is correct, it was during 8th or 9th. At that time, my friends John James and Johns James used to tell the Karatte class stories (Tallu). They also show us few tricks which motivated me as well. But my parents was not interested in that.

During Jan 2022, as the parents of two kids, me and grace decided to send Tessy to Karatte classes. Meon, (Jins & Meenu’s elder son) is going to Karate class at Kakkoor. I got the teachers contact from Jins chetai. But it was very difficult to bring Tessy to Kakkoor from Piravom since the classes were on weekdays.

Then we got another contact @ piravom where they are teaching Karatte. But they are admitting only kids above six years old. But Grace called the master (Bharathan Master) and he agreed to give a try. So, on 13th Feb 2022, We brought Tessy and Terese to Karatte Class @piravom. (3PM to 5.30PM ) was the timing.

Both Tessy and Terese were excited, but none of them were hearing anything. They both run around the class, looked at all like what are they doing. Master tried to call tessy and teach exercises but Tessy was not ready yet. Then he told few senior students to bring her and teach but again tessy was not ready. So, the classes continued. Tessy and terese rund all around the class and somehow they noticed the punching bag, a red colour big on. Thenboth went to the bag and tried pundhing on it, pushing and pulling it.

During this time the whole class started doing punching exercise echoing hu ha or something (i didn’t understood a single word). But this triggered both tessy and terese and they tried joining the session. Both of the tried to get familiar with other kids, even though they are around 6-18 yrs old.

At the end of the day, Tessy tried few exercises, got familiar with the kids and master. Both Terese and Tessy said bye and thank you to bharathan sir and  returned. On the way home, we also visited Kutti kalari Piravom, since we had a plan to send Tessy there.

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