Like all, my childhood memories are awesome! Full of happening days; sports, quizzes, chit chat with friends, long walks from school to home  and so on.

Today two snippets of incident came to my mind. Its because the characters in the incident met recently in my brothers wedding reception.  Oh! i was a scamp during schooldays.

Snippet 1

Me, varghesekutty, his elder sister ancy and Thomasukutty were good friends and neighbors. When we were studying at St. Mary’s UP School Anchelpetty,  used to walk together, from home to school and from school to home. The route was around 5 kms in one direction. Since we talk everything under earth on the return journey, from school to home, it used to take almost one hour to reach home. In morning it would be aroud 30minutes.

It was a rainy season; June or July I think. Me varghesekutty and Ancy chechi were there, walking towards school. We all were having our own umbrella since it was heavy raining. But those umbrellas were not enough to save us from the heaviness of rain. We all were partially wet, but noticed that we are getting late to school.

In those times, we understand the time based on which bus is passing at what location. For eg; if Himasagar bus is passing us at Hospital junction, which means its 8.50am and we are on time. If the next bus Grace is passing us at Hospital Junction, which means its 9.05am and we are late!

Coming to the story, we saw Grace, towards Muvatupuzha passed us at hospital junction and understood that  we are getting late. So even during heavy rain, we moved to next gear. Two steps per second changed to three steps per second. And we are pushing our maximum to reach school by 9.30am. If we become late, sister Prathibha will catch us.

And the next bus passed us, Maryland at Mavumchodu and it is now 9.20 am. Its time for the first bell. So we started running instead of walking. There was only one goal, reach school before 9.30 am. We didnt felt like its heavy raining, we ain’t felt that we are getting wet due to rain, we didnt see any vehicles , and we didnt see anything infront of us, other than the school. Suddenly a car passed. Vooosh….  the whole water on the road were on us. Varghesekutty and Ancy chechi remembered the parents and grandparents of the card driver. And they move forward. But suddenly stopped and looked around. They were not able to see me! I was disappeared.

Both of them fainted. Where the hell I went. Within few seconds I got disappeared.  While thinking like this, they saw a something coming up  from the sideby drainage. Is that a ball! No It was my head, I was trying my level best to get up from the drainage which was overflowing due to heavy rain. Fortunately varghesekutty and Ancy chechi came and took me out of the drainage. Once I am on the road, they started laughing, laughing like hell!. The white uniform is now dark brown and i was totally dipped in the water. Not only me, my bag also. I was in a dilemma what should I do! Shall I go to school?? Friends and teachers will troll me like anything. Or shall i return back to home? Papa will definitely treat me! We suddently had a comparison study in which is better and end up in a decision to return home.

Snippet 2

It was a new academic year. As usual, me, varghesekutty and Thomaskutty were returning from school to home. Varghesekutty got a new bag, his father bought the new one since its a new academic year. We were speaking everything. Suddenly we, me and varghesekutty started quarreling. I am not remembering the reason, but the issue grown suddenly and we started fighting, beating, punching each other. Both of us were of same physique at that time.

I cannot forget this scene, until my last breath. I was dragging varghesekutty’s bag through the road. I am not sure whether he was on the other side of the bag or not. Suddenly, the person who was enjoying the fight, thomaskutty came to the scene and separated us and stopped us from fighting more. We both regained our consciousness! My buttons and shirt were damaged! He was not having a visible damage. He was feeling hurray… But suddenly he noticed his bag, his new bag, there was a big hole at the bottom. After noticing this, he was literally weeping as well as angry. He poured all the abusive words he knew then and ran home. I was feeling phu….. simply, negligence.

I was sleeping on the next day morning. Suddenly a big sound hit my ears. I thought it was somebody screaming. I tried listening to the sound again. Oh shit! It was not screaming. It was shouting. My dad was shouting my name. Where the hell is he? Is he going to school for this and similar kind of dialogues. I immediately understood that the scene is not good to make an entry. So I continued my fake sleep until the shouting stopped.

After sometime, I reached the kitchen, like nothing happened. Mom was there. While seeing me, she suddenly gave me two fresh morning gift! Are you going to school for this. You go and buy a new bag to varghese kutty and all. Later my brother mathappan told me that, Varghese kutty’s father called my father the day morning. Any way, I got another set of gift from dad as well. After this incident, me varghesekutty and ancy chechi were not talking to each other for a while!

Snippet 3

Even though we haven’t talked after our school fight, after couple of months, we became friends again. And it continued through out. I used to visit his home, play cricket together etc.

This incident happened when I was in 12th standard and varghesekutty in 11th. At this time, both of us had a computer at home. I had a pendrive and there was some game copied to it from my computer. I assume the game was Age of Empires. I brought the pendrive to his home. We were just chit chatting. Suddenly started talking about this game and he would like to try the game. So, I have given the pendrive to him. While seeing this his sister and he was asking me, Is there a virus in the pendrive. His parents was telling donot plug the pendrive in to the system. I was like, Virus, No way, I copied the game from my computer and it has a licensed Kaspersky antivirus.

Seeing my confidence, varghesekutty plugged the pendrive saying that, “ippam sariyaakam, njn game kalichu marikkum innu”. He plugged the pendrive, copied the game, installed it, at the end the window asked, for completing the installation, a reboot is required.

Its just a reboot, lets do it and lets play the game, varghesekutty murmered. We rebooted the system, and then we are getting only a black window, nothing else. we restarted the system again, same. I can see clearly that his face is turning red, Ancy chechi was  like, I told you then itself dont plug the pendrive. I smell a danger and immediately escaped from the scene.

During evening, my father came and asked me why did you damaged varghesekutty’s computer! I was like Vow!

But, we both were well matured to understand that its very common and not a big deal. Later he brough one service guy and cleared the issue.

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